Telehealth Overview

Alli Center is pleased to offer telehealth appointments. Our telehealth vendor, Kareo, offers an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing solution.

What to Expect

Before your appointment, you will receive the telehealth link through an appointment reminder email or text message from the provider. You can join the appointment with any mobile, laptop, or desktop device with an internet-connected browser, camera, and microphone access. If you have not received a link for your appointment 45 minutes before it is scheduled to start, please call our office at 319-804-9312 for assistance. You can also search your email inbox and spam/junk mail folder for the word "telehealth". The link you need to use will start with:

How to Join Your Telehealth Appointment

  1. At the time of the appointment, tap on the telehealth link in your email or text reminder. The Telehealth page opens in a new browser window.

  2. Enter your name and tap Continue. The Request Permissions page opens.

  3. Tap Request Permissions to activate your camera and microphone.

  4. Tap Allow to use the microphone and camera for the appointment. The provider's room opens.

Knock to Start Your Appointment

  1. At the time of your appointment, tap Knock to let your provider know you have arrived for the appointment. Your image will be sent to the provider, so they will know who is knocking. The Waiting Room will open.

  2. Wait for a reply from your provider or to be let into the visit room inside the Waiting Room.

  3. The patient is let into the room once the provider is ready to begin the video visit.

  4. To remove yourself from the telehealth visit, tap Leave.

The Waiting Room

Here are some examples of your experience in the waiting room after knocking.

  • You may see a notice that you are "Waiting for reply" from your provider or to be let into the room. Your provider will let you in when they are ready to start.

  • The provider may send a message and put you on hold. If this happens, you can review the message from the provider and continue to wait to be let into the room. You will not be able to reply to the provider's message.

  • You may receive a message stating, "The host did not grant you access. If you were invited to this room, please contact the person who invited you." This means that your provider denied you access to the room, and you will be removed from the Waiting Room. Please call us at 319-804-9312 if this happens.

Technology Requirements

  • Participants can use any computer, tablet, or smart phone. The device needs a stable internet connection, camera, and microphone.

  • Participants can join using a cell connection; however, Wi-Fi is more reliable overall and helps ensure the participants aren't driving through bad cell phone service areas.

  • When you launch your appointment on a desktop or laptop, be sure to click the Allow button to permit using your microphone and camera. When using a smartphone, you may need to click a button to request permission to use the camera and microphone.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you and your clinician both think you are logged in, but cannot see each other, try refreshing your browser screen.

  • If clicking the link to your meeting doesn't work, then try copying the link and pasting it into your browser.

  • Make sure the link starts with:

  • Do not try logging into the Kareo Telemedicine app, as it is no longer supported.