In order to protect the health of our staff, patients and clients during this time of heightened health precautions, all sessions are being held by video, through our telemedicine partner, Kareo. Please contact your insurance company to see what they will pay for mental health services held over telemedicine.

We are delighted to welcome Andy Potts, who is now accepting new psychiatry patients!

Now Accepting New Clients & Patients

Please call us at 319-804-9312 to schedule an appointment, or request an appointment online.

Evening and weekend counseling appointments available.

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Alli Center is a privately owned mental health practice, conveniently located in Coralville. We offer personalized service, in a welcoming environment. Our prescribers schedule a full hour for your first appointment, with 30-minute follow up sessions, so you can rest assured you will be heard. Our providers believe in treating you as a whole person, and supporting you as the unique individual you are.

Mission Statement

Alli Center has a dual mission: to provide expert psychiatry and psychotherapy services to empower all in need to improve their behavioral health, and to support the development of the next generation of behavioral healthcare providers.

Alli Center delights in living this mission every day. We seek out and support caring, skilled clinicians so that we can provide excellent care, relief, and healing for our clients. You can get to know us a little better with this video. In it, our founders Jason Knight and Zara Wanlass share their thoughts on some of the details that make Alli Center a special place.

Core Values

  • Commitment: We hold an unwavering belief in the power of individuals to navigate their own best path through life. We are committed to providing nonjudgmental support and tools to all who are in need and seek us out.

  • Connectedness: We welcome and build positive relationships to work with clients, patients, our community, and higher education to improve behavioral health and the system for developing skilled behavioral health care providers.

  • Growth: As we support our clients’ growth, we recognize that we must evolve along with them in order to provide the highest level of care. We are committed to adapting to new best practices in the field as they are developed.