How Our Therapists and Counselors Can Help

Have you spent more time crying than anything else lately? Did you just get angry at your spouse and don’t really know why? Are you at your wits end with your teenager? Do you or a loved one have a learning or developmental disability? You are not alone in these experiences, and situations can improve with support from caring professionals.

Our mental health professionals all have advanced degrees in their field, and have undergone rigorous licensing.  They have training and experience working with anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, personality disorders, relational issues, autism spectrum, and adjustment disorders, as well as other learning or developmental disabilities, and more. We offer treatment including DBT, CBT, mindfulness, family systems, play therapy, narrative therapy, and more - all tailored to your specific situation.

Anxiety and Depression

When you’re beat down so far you don’t remember feeling any other way. When you’re hanging on so tightly that it takes every ounce of energy you have to just keep your grip. When your world feels like everything is so badly broken it may never be fixed. These are the the times when you forget that things can be different, can be better. We’re here to help you get back to a place where life isn’t so dark, lonely, or broken, and we will support you along the way.

Therapy for Families, Teenagers and Young Adults

Almost nothing is more difficult for a parent than watching their child struggle with choices and behaviors that only add to their challenges. You know there’s a good kid in there, but you don’t know how to reach them any longer; you feel like you’re losing the battle to save them from themselves. All too quickly, your home is in chaos and you don’t know what to do next.

Support is out there, and there is no judgment in using it. It doesn’t mean you’re a “bad parent” or that you have a “bad kid”... it just means that right now, a little guidance and support would be beneficial for both your child and your family. Kids don’t come with an instruction manual; let us help you find what works best for your child. It can get better, and you don’t have to work through it alone.

Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling

Every relationship is a work-in-progress, whether it’s keeping the sparks alive in a romantic relationship or maintaining healthy role identities in a family setting. It’s work, and it’s not always as easy as you think it should be. Partners grow in different directions, and struggle in identifying how to keep their paths moving forward together; parents and children have challenges with adapting to changing roles and responsibilities. It can be messy, and it can be painful… especially when you feel alone in the struggle.

There is support available for navigating these ever-changing landscapes. While we don’t have the maps already made, we can help you create your own plan for working through the obstacles that are inherent in human relationships. It can get better.