Rachel Huntington, LMFT

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Rachel Huntington's practice as a marriage and family therapist is a natural extension of her lifelong study of how people navigate relationships of all kinds. She helps clients aged 16 and older understand and improve their relationships with family members, partners, and other significant people in their lives, working one-on-one with individuals, as well as jointly with couples. She also works frequently with younger adults who want a trusted, nonjudgmental partner as they define themselves outside of their families of origin.

Communication is a fundamentally important element of our relationships. How do people in a relationship fight? Make up? Develop trust? Develop intimacy? Rachel coaches people toward healthy and productive communication skills.

Rachel walks with people through their individual processes of self-discovery with the goal of helping them not to be limited by the past but empowered by it. Life events don’t happen in isolation. They often are part of behavior patterns every person establishes over a lifetime. Rachel helps clients gain perspective and new insight into their lives as a whole to identify patterns and see the impact of past experiences on current issues.

Clinical Interests

In her therapy approach, the client takes the lead while Rachel offers tools, insights, alternate perspectives, listening, and validation. She helps people understand how they can use their strengths to solve problems and address challenges such as anxiety and depression. She can incorporate tools such as Prepare/Enrich, designed to help both pre-marriage and established couples build resiliency in their relationship. Another tool Rachel is adding to her expertise is Emotion-Focused Therapy, which explores how attachment to those who raised us shapes and affects our later relationships. No matter the therapeutic approach, Rachel builds a supportive alliance with each person as they work through self-discovery to create a healthier future.

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